1010 Rv. Bernat Oliver, whereas he is preaching the mass in the Sanctuary of St. Mary's of Ivorra, he doubts about the presence of Christ in the Eucharist and the wine converts into blood, pouring on the altar and the floor.
1011 Saint Ermengol travels to Rome and the Pope Sergius IV signs the Pontifical Bull recognizing the autenticity of the miracle and conceding privileges to the Confraternity of St. Mary's of Ivorra.


Consacration of the church of St. Cugat in Ivorra. The relics of the Holy Doubt are placed under the high altar, together with the Bull of Sergius IV.


Fundation of the Royal Monastery of Sigena (Osca - Spain-) by Sancha, wife of the King Alfonso II. Some relics of the Holy Doubt known as "the tows of Ivorra" were brought.


The Black Pest embraces Catalonia and empoverishes the population.


After the epidemic, the Ancient Magistrate of the Earl of Cardona orders the constitutions of the Confraternity to be accomplished and the members of the Confraternity contribute with their quota.


Once the Confraternity had been rebuilt, works of restauration are initiated in the church of St. Cugat and the relics and the Bull of Sergius IV are found under the altar.


The Cardinal Pere Foix, legate of the Pope in the Kingdoms of the Crown of Aragon commissions the Abbat of Cardona to study the relics and the document of Sergius IV, founded during the works.
  The Bishop of Urgell determines to do a reliquary of silver in a decret on the 22nd of July in 1426.
  The Earl of Cardona, the 22nd of September in 1426 authorizes to do a collection in his territory to collect alms to pay the reliquary.


On the 2nd of February, there was a big earthquake in Catalonia.


The Bishop of Urgell, Francesc de Jovia, in the decree on the 22nd of June commissioned by the Pontiff Legate, recognizes the authenticity of the relics and the Bull of Sergius IV.


Alfons el Magnanim, King of Aragon, in Royal Order on the 30th of October, empowers to collect alms for the reliquary of Ivorra all over the Kingdom of Aragon.


Pere de Traserra, Prefect of the Monastery of St. Pere dels Arquells and General Vicar of Vic, empowers to collect alms for the church of St. Mary's of Ivorra and for the building of a hospice for the pilgrims who went.


The Earl of Pallars, Arnau Roger, gives permission to divulge over the territory the prodigies of Ivorra and to collect alms for maintain a priest of the church of St. Mary's and for the construction of the hospice.


Construction of the Gothic Altar dedicated to St. Mary's of Ivorra.


Construction of the actual Sanctuary of St. Mary's or the Holy Doubt of Ivorra, with a hospice annexed for the pilgrims.


The 25th of October, moving the altar from the ancient church to the new church and encounter of new relics.


Construction of the façane of the Sanctuary and the Baroque Retable dedicated to St. Mary.
1868 On the 27th of June, the Sacred Congregation for the Cult, determines the cult that has to be tributed to the relics of the Holy Doubt.


Celebration of the 900th anniversary of the Holy Doubt.


The Gothic Retable of the 15th century is moved to the Museum of Solsona.


The Civil War in Spain. Destruction of the Baroque Retable. The reliquary and the Virgin Mary image survive. The Gothic Retable of the Museum is moved to Geneve (Swezerland) to save it, returning after the war.


Celebration of the Diocesan Eucharist Congress in the Sanctuary of the Holy Doubt.


Works of rehabilitation of the Sanctuary which has been saved of its demolition.


Celebration of the Jubilee 2000 in the Sanctuary.


Recovery of the Gothic altarpiece of the XV century


Celebration of the Millenary of the Holy Doubt.